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Latest Clinica Psychosis audio material.  A mini-album entitled, “Body is a Vacuum”.  A mixture of noise, power electronics, industrial, field-recordings, experimental.  This is some heavy material that is highly recommended.



Latest Moonlit Sun release, Passages.  This release is specifically great to listen to when you’re walking along a remote area during a nice gray day, or even a crisp cool winter day. Or at home at night by a light shade… Download it now at the bandcamp site.  



Polonium Towers, the debut album. It is a mini side project that was spontaneously conceived during the winter of 2013.  Consisting of a meditative drone-like effect, noisy, minimalistic, and experimental in nature.  Highly recommended.  


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New CLINICA PSYCHOSIS album “Future” is now available through bandcamp, will soon be available on CD-r.  A special thanks goes out to those for inspiration and support. 

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04/06/2015- Last Quarter Neutral Process is the first release on Illusion Prospect.  It is available as a free digital download.

Illusion Prospect - Last Quarter Neutral Process